Throughout my life, I have been becoming more and more interested in the human body, have loved sports, and have enjoyed helping others. So, when it came time to choose my major, I wanted to find one where I could combine some of these favorite topics of interests. That is when I settled on physical therapy (PT). With physical therapy, I will be able to help others recover from injury. The ultimate goal, for me, would be to hired on the staff of a sports team, but if not, I would like to work in an orthopedic/ sports recovery type of business, so I can stay involved with sports.

To achieve my goals, it is going to take some time and dedication. Currently, I am enrolled as a health science major with a concentration in exercise and movement science. The name of my major is just a fancy way of saying Pre-Physical therapy. Once I finish up with my undergraduate degree, I will still have three more years of graduate school; this will give me my doctorate of physical therapy (DPT). As a member of Dayton’s school of Education and Health Sciences, I am not guaranteed a position in the university’s graduate program, therefor I am going to apply to multiple schools and then choose from the ones I (hopefully) get accepted to. Upon my completion of graduate school I will receive my DPT and will finally be able to get a job and practice in my field. As of right now, I am in year one of seven, so all I can do is take it one class at a time and try to do my best.


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